The Advantages of Purchasing Used Laundry Equipment

When told to purchase used laundry equipment, most people might completely ignore the idea. Consumers can have a hard time wrapping their head around the advantages of buying laundry equipment that has already been used. While there will always be a few bad apples, a lot of money can be saved by purchasing used equipment.

Why Some Consumers Buy New Equipment

Before discussing the advantages of buying used, it’s useful to understand the logic behind purchasing new equipment. The top reason why many consumers buy new is because it’s the easiest choice.

New equipment also comes with all of the important documentation and brochures. Depending on where it’s purchased from, used equipment might not come with these benefits. Since new equipment usually comes with a warranty, consumers get access to customer support and other benefits.

Advantages of Buying Used

The greatest benefit of purchasing used laundry equipment is the price. On average, consumers can save hundreds of dollars on a used washer and dryer. For business owners who wish to open a laundromat, the money that is saved can be spent on insurance, marketing and employees.

Another advantage is the fact that used equipment can last many years. Oftentimes, consumers falsely assume that used equipment won’t last long enough to make the investment worthwhile. With proper maintenance and some TLC, a used washer or dryer can last several years after the purchase date.

As long as it’s purchased from a reliable source, used equipment can work exceptionally well. Every day, laundromats shut down and must sell off their equipment, which gives consumers excellent opportunities to purchased high-quality, used washers and dryers.

Important Considerations

Before making a purchase, there are some considerations to make. It’s important to know when the machine was first manufactured and how long it was used. Consumers should find out if the machines were used during multiple shifts.

The typical lifespan for well-maintained laundry equipment is up to 15 years. It’s also useful to find out if the previous owner used light or heavy-soil formulas in the machine. Something that a lot of people don’t think about is the availability of repair parts.

The problem is that many manufacturers have stopped making parts for certain models. If there are no repair parts available for the equipment, then it will be almost impossible to get them fixed.

Although there are many advantages to buying used equipment, it’s always important to perform due diligence. These are some of the top advantages of purchasing used laundry equipment.