Scooter Safety Tips to Avoid Serious Injuries

Scooters are fun and convenient vehicles that are becoming very popular today. They have a low cost of ownership and get you places fast. They also come with some risks since riders are exposed when on the scooter. Here are some scooter safety tips to avoid serious injuries.

Wear a Helmet and Safety Gear

It was discovered that only 17 percent of scooter riders were wearing helmets in a study of accidents in high traffic cities. Not wearing a helmet increases the chance that you will be seriously injured or killed in an accident. Always wear a helmet when riding the scooter. Wear other safety gear as well like a tough jacket, long pants and boots to protect yourself if you skid or are thrown off the scooter.

Always Check the Scooter before Riding

Take a minute to look over the scooter before you start riding. Do this every time. Ensure there are no leaks, the brakes work and the tires are fine. If you do notice a problem, then fix it immediately or do not ride the scooter until it is repaired. This will prevent many potential accidents and injuries.

Remain As Visible As Possible

Make yourself as visible as possible while riding the scooter. Wear bright colors. Stay in the center of the lane and keep out of the blind spots of cars or trucks. Do not try to weave between cars or ride between lanes. Remaining visible is important because many drivers have difficulty seeing and tracking people on scooters.

Allow Cars to Go First At Intersections

More than 4,300 people are injured on scooters each year. Many of these accidents happen at intersections. You want to allow cars and larger vehicles to go first at intersections. Stop and check in all directions before you do finally cross to ensure there is no oncoming traffic. Maintain distance between yourself and other cars in case of an emergency. Exercise extreme caution at every intersection even if it appears empty.

Practice Emergency Braking

You want to practice emergency braking regularly. Repeat the process of hitting both brakes at once while keeping the scooter upright and maintaining control of your course. Repeat this over and over until you can do it instinctually from muscle memory. The ability to quickly perform an emergency braking maneuver can allow you to avoid an accident and serious injuries although it does take practice.

Take a Safety Course

A final tip is to take an official scooter safety course. Many of these are available all across the country. The course will teach you the proper way to use your scooter, work with traffic and handle unexpected situations. You can learn how to be defensive on the roads for maximum safety. A safety course can teach you the skills necessary to avoid being injured on your scooter.