How to tell Which Tanning Lotion is Right for You

Tanning lotions allow you to darken or bronze your skin without having to spend time in the dangerous ultraviolet radiation of the sun. You can use the lotions right in your own home without any special equipment or training. Many different brands and types are available. Picking one can be confusing. Here is how to tell which tanning lotion is right for you.

It Should Contain Moisturizer and Aloe

A good tanning lotion should contain moisturizer and aloe. This is important because you want your skin to remain as healthy as possible when you are using the lotion. The tanning lotion is going to dry out your skin a little while it is working. Lotions with moisturizer will keep your skin looking supple and natural. The aloe in the lotion will help to repair your skin and add nutrients to the cells so that it stays looking young.

Consider a Lotion with Bronzer

It can take as little as 15 minutes to get sunburn when outside making tanning lotion an important alternative in order to avoid increasing your risk of getting skin cancer. Some lotions take much longer than 15 minutes to work. If you want a fast-acting lotion, then get one with a bronzer included. A bronzer will accelerate the process while also adding rich golden undertones to your skin. This can give your tan a natural depth that is not always possible with lotions that do not have bronzers.

Look For Natural Ingredients

There are all types of tanning lotions available right now. You really want to look for the ones that contain natural ingredients. Although natural ingredients might have long and confusing names, they are better for your skin than some artificial chemicals. Natural tanning lotions also tend to have less of a smell while working than harsher varieties.

Tingling Lotions

You will want to look for tanning lotions that have a tingling ingredient. This causes a tingling sensation on your skin. The purpose is to open your pores and encourage better blood flow. This lets you have a deeper and faster tan. It also helps to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Tingling lotions have properties that are beneficial to your skin.

Duration of the Tan

About 5.6 percent of people have used a tanning bed in the last year in order to get a skin tone that will last. You do not need to expose yourself to ultraviolet rays for a lasting tan. Look for a tanning lotion with a long duration. Although no one can say exactly how long a self-tan will last, some products do have longer expected durations than others do. Be certain to check the duration when you are comparing different tanning lotions.