How to Properly Use Cigar Wraps

Cigars have been increasing in popularity in recent years, even amidst attempts to ban the sale of flavored cigar wraps. There are plenty of reasons for cigar aficionados or just casual cigar smokers to think about wrapping their own cigars. First of all, wrapping your own cigar can save plenty of money. Perhaps even more important to the seriously committed cigar smokers than saving some money, is that by wrapping your own cigar, you can personalize the experience and enjoy your own unique cigar flavor and feel. In fact, in addition to selecting your own personal cigar wraps, making your own cigars means that you can pick the perfect blend of tobacco suited to your taste. It is a well known fact that cigar manufacturers intentionally make their tobacco taste and smoke the same across their products so that customers can expect a consistent taste, but wrapping your own cigar allows you to buck the mainstream.

But before you go wrapping your own cigars, check out the following helpful hints to make sure you are doing it the proper way, and most importantly, that you are getting the most out of your cigar smoking experience.

The first step in properly wrapping your own cigar is to prepare the tobacco to be wrapped. You will need to lay the cigar wrap on a flat surface and try to flatten it out as much as possible to insert the tobacco. As evenly as you can, spread the tobacco throughout the length of the cigar wrap to your desired amount. You should not fill the wrap so full that tobacco is squeezed out at either end. Then, you will need to lick the edge of the cigar wrap so that the edges adhere to each other once the correct amount of tobacco is inside. The tobacco should be evenly distributed, and it should now look like an actual cigar. Next, you will need a lighter, which you must hold close enough to the cigar to warm it without it actually catching fire. The heat will make sure that the cigar wrap sticks together and that any saliva from your licking the wrap is all the way removed before you begin smoking the cigar.

Although blunts made from cigar wraps are significantly cheaper than traditional premium cigars, you should be prepared for them to burn through more quickly. This is why a novice cigar wrapper is advised to purchase a bit more supplies than anticipated. Rolling a cigar wrap can also take some practice to get it right, so do not be surprised if it takes a few attempts at a minimum before it becomes old hat for you.