Five Ways to Prevent Pet Odors in Your Carpet

We love our pets, but sometimes they leave behind unwanted odors. Even the most well-trained animal will make an oops: food that’s been spilled, vomit from an upset tummy, and potty accidents are all part of the pet owning experience.

Unfortunately, carpet acts like a sponge for odors, which explains why sometimes, no matter how hard you clean, you can’t remove that smell!

In that case, here are

Five Ways to Prevent Pet Odors in Your Carpet


1. Vacuum regularly

Pet hair smells like, well, your pet. Your feet drive shed hairs into the carpet fibers as you walk and, if not vacuumed, the hairs (scent) will build up and result in a permanent stink that can only be removed by changing the carpet and underlying pad or a VERY thorough carpet cleaning.

Vacuum at least ONCE WEEKLY and you’ll nip this problem in the bud.

For off-the-floor pet hair removal, glide a damp sponge or wet rubber glove over the surface.

2. Deodorizers

Many so-called “odor eliminating powders” don’t really eliminate anything. Instead, these powders simply mask the stink emanating from your carpet by covering it with a stronger, more acceptable smell. When they wear off, the stink returns.

Deodorizers can be pricey. Some carpet powders cost $5 a container, and it can take multiple containers to fully dust an average-sized home.

Forgo these masks and use baking soda instead, which can be purchased for under $1 a box. Sprinkle it on carpet, wait to let it absorb the odors, then vacuum it up. Voila!

3. Choose natural cleaners

There are many cheap, natural, pet-safe options that work excellently as cleaners. For one,white vinegar is a disinfectant that’s also great at breaking down the proteins found in animal urine that cause odor.

4. Add fresh air

Ever take an old outfit out of the closet and notice it has a musty, dirty smell? That’s because its been sitting, unaired, for a long time.

Carpets breathe just like clothes do. Open the windows and let some fresh air in every chance you get and reduce the accumulation of pet odor in your flooring.

5. Bye bye, carpet!

Hard floors don’t absorb odors like carpet does, and they’re easier to clean when messes appear.

If you have the resources, consider removing your carpet and installing hard flooring. Not only will you toss out the old, smelly carpet, but you’ll prevent new odors from building up by removing the very thing they’d absorb into.