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Five Benefits of Using Digital LED Timers

If you need a timer for your home or office, then you have two main choices. You can go with an analog model or a digital unit with a light-emitting diode, or LED, display. The reality is that digital timers offer better performance and features than what is possible with an analog design. Here are five benefits of using digital LED timers.

Accuracy and Precision

A major benefit of using digital LED timers is accuracy. These timers often use quartz crystals in order to generate electrical pulses that are far more precise than inexpensive mechanical devices. The National Institute of Standards and Technology even has guidelines regulating that digital timers need to be accurate down to half of the least significant digit shown on the LED display. This accuracy can make a difference because you will always be able to rely on the timer.


Another advantage of using an LED timer is visibility. The LED face is bright and lit up. This means that you will be able to see the display from across the room, in the dark or from any angle. This is not the case with many analog timers where the numbers are incredibly small. You also always get the exact numerical position in the countdown unlike analog timers where you often have to guess based on the position of a clock hand or arrow between numbers.

Compact and Durable

Most digital LED timers available today are compact and durable. The amount of space needed for the internal electronics is very small. Some digital timers can be the size of a credit card and not much wider. You can get ones that fit in the palm of your hand. This is not the case with analog timers where many large mechanical components need to be present inside of the unit. Digital timers are less obtrusive, more portable and will last for a longer time.

Simple and Fast Controls

Setting an analog timer can sometimes be a problem. You usually have to turn a dial or knob of some sort in order to physically move the settings on the device. This can lead to a number of issues especially as the parts wear down. Digital timers have simple and fast controls. You just hit a minute and hour button followed by start when you are ready. This lets you set the timer up fast without having to fumble with dials.

Some Have Multiple Timers

Integrated circuits and electronics allow some digital LED timers to accept multiple programs at the same time. This means that you can actually have two or three separate countdowns going all at the same time on the same device. The ability to set multiple countdowns on a single unit can make doing things like cooking or tracking your daily schedule much easier.