What To Know About ECAD and EDA

Often times Electronic Automation (EDA) and Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD) are referred to as the same thing.  Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD) is used to create a system of many components that are connected with each other, usually by electronic circuits – kind of like the circuit board of your computer. Both 2D and […]

Five Important Facts About Microbial Source Tracking

One of the most important types of testing performed in environmental laboratories is discovering the levels of microorganisms in air, water and soil. Microbiologists perform tests to track the sources of various microorganisms based on a specific testing protocol. When the results of these tests exceed protocol specifications, steps are taken to locate the sources. […]

How to Properly Use Cigar Wraps

Cigars have been increasing in popularity in recent years, even amidst attempts to ban the sale of flavored cigar wraps. There are plenty of reasons for cigar aficionados or just casual cigar smokers to think about wrapping their own cigars. First of all, wrapping your own cigar can save plenty of money. Perhaps even more important […]

4 Reasons to Invest in Claims Management

For many years, the main priority of insurers has been to develop IT solutions to reduce policy administration and claims processing costs. While these are still very important, in-depth claims management is also equally important. Fraud Insurance fraud is a reality that is becoming more concerning every day. According to the FBI, insurance fraud costs […]

3 Ways Glass Whiteboards Increase Workplace Productivity

Modern companies face many types of challenges in the competitive global economy. Almost all companies share common problems, such as how to reduce expenses, increase productivity and streamline processes. In order to improve productivity, many companies prefer to experiment with technology-based solutions, such as project management apps, and traditional solutions, such as glass whiteboards. Planning […]

Top Advantages of Using an Estimating Tool for Jobs

No major task or complex project can be successful completed without effective estimating tools. Most of these tools are software programs that offer helpful financial and project management functions. Here are the best benefits of using estimating tools for projects. Consistency Contractors can maintain work standards and project consistency through estimating software programs because they […]