How to Save Money on Everyday Items

Everyone has to buy a certain selection of essential everyday items in order to live normally. If you are not careful, then the cost of these items can start to eat into your budget before you realize it. Here are some ways to save money on everyday items. Buy Items in Bulk Whenever Possible Although […]

Five Ways to Prevent Pet Odors in Your Carpet

We love our pets, but sometimes they leave behind unwanted odors. Even the most well-trained animal will make an oops: food that’s been spilled, vomit from an upset tummy, and potty accidents are all part of the pet owning experience. Unfortunately, carpet acts like a sponge for odors, which explains why sometimes, no matter how […]

7 Comfort Foods that Soothe the Soul

Comfort foods are an integral part of our culture. They evoke wonderful memories of being a child in the comfort of our homes. Not a whole lot of people say they are comforted by lettuce. Most comfort foods tend to be rich in carbohydrates, sugar, and calories. While they should not be part of your […]

6 Fashion Rules to Break in 2016

If you think the key to being in style is always following tried-and-true fashion rules, think again. In 2016 it’s much more important to know which rules to break. Here are six that need to be forgotten. Less is always more. This concept dates back to the 1920’s, when fashion diva Coco Chanel famously pronounced […]

How to Improve Your Readings with a Psychic Medium

Today, many psychic mediums have gained widespread followings and considerable media attention. Talented psychics, such as the late Sylvia Browne, routinely command high audience ratings on popular television shows. Several mediums have authored books relating to their psychic gifts. With so much interest in this topic, what actions can you take to obtain the best […]