4 Reasons to Invest in Claims Management

For many years, the main priority of insurers has been to develop IT solutions to reduce policy administration and claims processing costs. While these are still very important, in-depth claims management is also equally important. Fraud Insurance fraud is a reality that is becoming more concerning every day. According to the FBI, insurance fraud costs […]

3 Ways Glass Whiteboards Increase Workplace Productivity

Modern companies face many types of challenges in the competitive global economy. Almost all companies share common problems, such as how to reduce expenses, increase productivity and streamline processes. In order to improve productivity, many companies prefer to experiment with technology-based solutions, such as project management apps, and traditional solutions, such as glass whiteboards. Planning […]

Top Advantages of Using an Estimating Tool for Jobs

No major task or complex project can be successful completed without effective estimating tools. Most of these tools are software programs that offer helpful financial and project management functions. Here are the best benefits of using estimating tools for projects. Consistency Contractors can maintain work standards and project consistency through estimating software programs because they […]

6 Reasons your Company Needs More Training

These days, many companies are looking for strategies that can help them optimize conversion, enhance connectivity with customers, and blow the competition out of the water. If these are your goals, you should know that investing in employee training can help you realize your objectives. Read on to learn why your company needs to invest […]

5 Ways to Improve Call Center Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of a call center is much more complicated than simply shortening call times and adherence to a strict script. These five tips can help greatly boost call center efficiency, improve overall customer satisfaction and benefit your company image. 1. Invest in a Knowledge Base One way to improve call center efficiency is […]