8 Home Projects that Require an Electrician

Hanging Ceiling Fans

This is something electricians do all the time and can complete quickly for a reasonably low price. Even if you feel confident enough to do this yourself, an electrician would still do more safe and precise work, saving you time and potential stress.

Television and Phone Wiring

Your home may not have every room wired for television or phone service. If you require either in additional rooms but do not want extension wires snaking all over the house, electricians have the all the necessary tools at their disposal to quickly run wiring into just about any area of the house.

Upgrading Electrical Panels

Problems like flickering lights, tripped breakers and blow fuses may be signs that it is time to upgrade the electrical panels. Upgrades ensure proper power distribution and also makes expansions of the electrical system possible in the future.

Replacing or Installing Fixtures and Outlets

While some fixtures can be replaced without the assistance of an electrician, others may require more care and are better handled by professionals. Installing new outlets involves cutting into the walls and some rewiring. Risk of fire and other hazards may increase when not done correctly, so it is safer in the long term to leave this work to an electrician.

Remodeling Kitchens or Bathrooms

Safety codes require rooms with running water, such as kitchens or bathrooms, haveĀ Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCI protected outlets. These are outlets that safeguard against shock with built in reset buttons. Electricians are specially trained to work on these especially hazardous areas.

Security Systems and Motion Detectors

These jobs typically requires running a lot of electrical and other wires throughout the inside of the home as well as outdoors. Although security companies can usually handle most of this during an installation, it is not uncommon to bring in an electrician if things get complicated. Consulting with one beforehand can save time and expense.

Outdoor Lighting

These are often custom jobs that usually have an aesthetic as well as practical aspect. There also tends to be a fair amount of trial and error when attempting to do these sorts of projects oneself. Not only are electricians more knowledgable about safety concerns when working outdoors, they can also eliminate a great deal of guesswork and more quickly determine the best strategy for your situation.

Swimming Pools or Hot Tubs

Putting in pools, saunas, hot tubs or jacuzzis are generally labor intensive projects involving highly technical and often very specialized or dedicated electrical setups. Additional options like pool heating systems can even present challenges for professionals depending on the situation, so this type of job is one you would not want to undertake without the expertise of an electrician.