8 Design Tips for Creating Custom Jewelry

If you want to create custom jewelry to either sell or to make for yourself, there are a few things to consider. When starting out on any creative venture, you will need to think ahead. Here are eight tips that will help you stay organized and focus on your goals in custom jewelry creation.


  1. You want to start by sketching out your design ideas. This will enable you to map out the process you will follow to achieve your finished product. It is always best to have a concise plan to follow, even in creative work.
  2. Make a list of all of the tools and supplies you will need. For instance, if you are designing a ring, you can put away the tools for stringing beads. Keep your work area neat, avoiding unnecessary clutter.
  3. Use only quality tools for the best outcome. By buying cheap tools, you actually have an added expense, because poor quality tools break more often than good quality tools. Invest in what you need, and make it a good investment.
  4. Keep your standards high with regards to your work. Don’t skip in any area, especially the quality of actual work. You will see a marked difference in artists’ work that is of lesser quality than yours and you will be rewarded both monetarily and emotionally.
  5. Practice makes perfect. Know your skill. Practice over and over on the designs you want to create in order to provide the absolute best to your customers. When people purchase custom jewelry, they are investing in you, so always put your best foot forward. Being an expert at any particular skill will insure that you always create the most beautiful jewelry possible.
  6. Keep your style consistent. As with any art form, collectors want to see a theme. Make sure if you are making gold poured pieces, to stick with that style. You would not want to start making strung beaded jewelry. Pick something you are good at and keep doing just that.
  7. Think about collaborating with another artist. You may specialize in mounting gems on gold, but lack the experience to mold certain forms. By collaborating, you can make very interesting pieces with another artist, and share in the experience. These kinds of pieces are great for limited editions and collectors love them.
  8. The best tip for making fabulous custom jewelry is to simply be creative. Keep it fresh and the customers will keep coming. If you find yourself making jewelry the same way over and over, think about incorporating another element into your treasures. Play with it and you will love the outcome.

By practicing some of these important tips for creating custom jewelry, you will excel in you marketplace. Search online often for sites that have new tools, tricks, and techniques, so that you are always up to the latest market trends. Keep you standards high, your quality impeccable, and you will go far.