7 Popular Toys to Resale Instead of Throwing Away

1. Legos
Lego is one of the most enduring and successful toys on the market, holding almost 70% of the construction toy market. There are three good ways to resale Lego toys. Complete sets are the most lucrative – Legos are notoriously expensive – so a second hand box set can sell for more than half its purchase price. Another way to resale Legos is to sell by theme. Star Wars Legos are very popular, for example. Lastly, you can sell Legos by the pound.

2. Dolls
Name brand dolls such as American Girl and Groovy Girl can bring in a pretty penny second hand. Certain dolls, such as the five original American Girl dolls, are no longer manufactured any longer and are quite valuable. Doll accessories, clothing, and sets are also worth selling if they are in good condition. Or bundle the doll, clothing, and accessories together for a more lucrative offering.

3. Melissa & Doug Toys
Known for their quality construction and classic feel, Melissa & Doug toys are currently extremely popular. The company makes everything from stacking blocks to toy kitchens to puzzles. Because of the high demand for their toys, resale of the larger, more expensive toys is definitely worth looking into.

4. Vintage Toys
Before throwing out toys from by-gone eras, do some research on their value. Unless you look, you never know what collectors are looking for! For instance, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Scratch the Cat Figure in the package can fetch up to $1,000. This toy was made in 1993 – proof nostalgia toys sell. To find out what is enduringly popular, check out this 100 Greatest Toys list from Time.

5. Outdoor Toys
Kids are always growing so there is always a demand for used tricycles, bicycles, sand boxes, wagons, and Little Tikes outdoor products. Universal toys are always in universal demand, particularly if they are in good condition. Don’t forget to resale used sports equipment such as a tee-ball stand, soccer goals, and the like as well.

6. Disney
Think twice before getting rid of Disney branded items, especially their classic DVDs. Disney films are only available to buy at certain times, which can make second-hand copies in high demand. All other Disney branded items and toys are usually good for resale as well as they typically have an enduring popularity.

7. Toy Trains
Toy train sets from Brio, Fisher-Price, and Lionel can cost anywhere from twenty to two hundred bucks new. Children love these toys, and so these are great for resale. Complete train sets have greater value but even a collection of track and train cars is a viable resale option.