7 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Stairlift

With the United States population becoming older, one of the most popular items for today’s homes is a stairlift. More popular than ever, having a stairlift installed allows for greater independence as well as the chance to stay in the home rather than move to an assisted-living facility. While today’s stairlifts are much easier to install and much less expensive than in years past, there are still many questions that must be asked to assure a person gets the perfect stairlift for their home and situation.

Does it Fit Properly?
For best results, choose a stairlift that accommodates the type of stairway in the home. Whether the stairway is straight or curved, today’s stairlifts are made to fit virtually any type of stairway.

Is Customer Service Available?
When purchasing a stairlift, people need to remember to ask about customer service that’s available after the sale. The best companies are usually those that are available 24/7 to answer questions about usage, schedule service calls, and handle other matters that may arise.

Does it Have Safety Features?
Using more technology than ever, modern stairlifts are generally safer than ever. However, customers should still always ask about specific safety features, which can include safety belts, lockable seats, and sensors that allow the stairlift to start and stop automatically.

When Will it be Installed?
When a customer orders a stairlift, they should always ask when it will be installed. While most companies can install them within one month of ordering, some companies have waiting lists that could have customers waiting several months before having their stairlift installed.

How Easy is it to Use?
Before purchasing a particular stairlift, it’s always best to make sure the person or persons who will be using it will be able to do so easily and without any problems. For best results, purchasing models that have light-touch controls to help arthritic users or remote control options can make usage much easier.

How Much Will a Stairlift Cost?
Because many seniors are living on a fixed income, the cost of a stairlift can be a very important consideration. Therefore, it’s imperative to ask about the cost prior to signing any paperwork, which can help clarify how much of the cost may be paid by insurance.

Can the Stairlift be Installed Outdoors?
In some cases, a person may want their stairlift installed on stairs located outside. While most models are made to accommodate this request, it’s always good to ask in order to avoid any problems later on.