6 Fashion Rules to Break in 2016

If you think the key to being in style is always following tried-and-true fashion rules, think again. In 2016 it’s much more important to know which rules to break. Here are six that need to be forgotten.

Less is always more. This concept dates back to the 1920’s, when fashion diva Coco Chanel famously pronounced that before leaving the house, a lady should always remove one accessory. Maybe that was great advice almost 100 years ago, but in 2016 it just couldn’t be more wrong. “More” is what looks good on you, what suits your mood, and what you feel good wearing. And that means sometimes more is, well, more.

Tall women shouldn’t wear high heels. This tired old idea is basically about making sure women are never (gasp!) taller than men, and if that ever made sense at any time, it certainly doesn’t make sense now. The only women who shouldn’t wear heels are the ones who prefer to wear flats, and what does that have to do with height?

Don’t mix certain colors, and by all means don’t mix prints. The idea that some colors should never be worn together is actually sort of baffling. Why not wear back and brown, red and orange, white and cream, or any of the classic color clashes? What did the creators of this outmoded fashion rule think would happen if you made non-traditional color combos or dared to mix stripes with a floral or plaid? In 2016 it’s not only safe, but fun and fashionable to mix any color or print with any other.

Either ______ or ______ , but never both. Fill in the old-time fashion faux pas of your choice: either legs or cleavage, gold or silver, socks or sandals … the list goes on and on. This kind of either-or thinking may have ruled fashion in the past, but in 2016 the rule is wear everything with anything, as long as you think they look good together.

Develop a signature style and always stick to it. This makes as much sense as saying you should always eat exactly the same food, or go only to the same places and see only the same people. In 2016 fashion is about self expression, and real style means wearing whatever appeals to you and seems right for where you’re going.

Dress for your age/size/body type/job/etc. Bunk! Your age, size, body type, job, or anything else is just one aspect of who you are, and in 2016 it makes no sense whatsoever to limit all your fashion choices just because of one factor. The only fashion rule to follow is “wear what you like”.