5 Ways to Improve Call Center Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of a call center is much more complicated than simply shortening call times and adherence to a strict script. These five tips can help greatly boost call center efficiency, improve overall customer satisfaction and benefit your company image.

1. Invest in a Knowledge Base

One way to improve call center efficiency is to create a resource base where agents can find direction for the most common types of calls. When an agent comes across a call he is unsure how to handle, it is more efficient to have a document which outlines the proper procedure for the agent rather than escalating to a senior agent. It better equips individual agents for future calls and allows for greater self-sufficiency.

2. Create an Inter-Agent Chat System

No amount of training and knowledge base resources alone can suffice to ensure each agent can effectively manage a number of unique calls they may receive. Though a knowledge base can be useful, it can also work in a counterproductive manner towards call efficiently if an agent is leaving a customer on hold too long and can’t find the resources they need. Creating an inter-agent chat support system can greatly boost efficiency by giving inexperienced agents an instant communication with more seasoned agents who can steer them in the right direction. This can lead to shorter hold times, less call escalation, greater call resolution and more satisfied customers.

3. Utilize Skill-Based Routing

Traditionally, all calls that are routed to a call center are dispersed randomly or based on availability. Utilizing skill-based routing, however, greatly increases the likelihood that a call will go to the agent with the skill set for the type of call. This provides for greater efficiency by reducing the amount of transfers, escalations and unresolved calls.

4. Monitor Calls for Call Quality

Monitoring calls for quality assurance is arguably the best way to increase a call center’s efficiency. It is effective because it involves individual monitoring of calls. Some of the numerous benefits of monitoring calls include a higher awareness of common customer complaints, a greater gauge of an agent’s performance, reduced callbacks, greater customer satisfaction and a better overall method of identifying key aspects agents need to be trained on.

5. Teach Empathy to Agents

If you have a call center, then you already know the importance of providing customer support. Empathy is critical in agent training because it is the only real difference between an automated voice system and a live-human agent. Often frustrated customers will become increasingly dissatisfied when an agent remains silent, sarcastic or insincere about their problems. Empathy can make the difference in a call even when the customer’s issue is not fully resolved.