5 Top of the Line Watches Worth the Investment

– Seiko Astron GPS Solar
The Seiko Astron GPS Solar is an unprecedented piece of equipment. As the first solar watch to automatically detect your time zone, even as you travel. Along with perfect timing within one second, this watch has the ability to run solely on light! As long as light can feed this guy, you’ll always have the time. This watch’s price varies, and you can practically spend as much as you like. Considering this watch will run perpetually without need for correction until the year 2100, it pays for itself a few times over.

– Rolex Cellini Time
Almost everyone, everywhere, knows the brand. Rolex has been around since 1905 and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down since then. If you are yearning for a classic, distinguished look, the new and improved Rolex Cellini Time is the watch for you. A beautiful rendition of one of Rolex’s classics, this watch will make you rule any event. You know what they say, the old ways are the best.

Manufacture Heart Beat by Frederique Constant
Frederique and fine watches are synonymous, ladies and gentlemen. The Manufacture Heart Beat is a force to be reckoned with. Hosting a case with 18k rose gold, this watch truly is straight from the heart. If knowing it will last a lifetime isn’t enough, the capabilities of this watch are outrageous. It can even tell which phase the moon is in that night, making it the perfect watch for night-owls.

– Filson Mackinaw Field Watch
Beauty meets practicality with the Filson Mackinaw Field Watch. With its scratch-resistant lens and waterproof ability, this watch can handle any terrain, any time. Made in the United States, this watch is perfect for those looking for a home-grown, unmatched watch of its kind. Aside from its long life span, this watch is also one of the few of this quality with a price tag under $1,000.

– Omega Deville Co-axial
Omega never fails to impress. The Omega Deville Co-axial watch turns heads from all around the world. Hosting a sapphire crystal, scratch-resistant cover and beautiful roman numeral hour indexes, the Deville family is top-of-the-line. One of the biggest features of this watch is that it breaks new ground in the industry! Omega incredibly defied the way watches were supposed to be made by creating the first watch that didn’t use the lever escapement (hence: co-axial). If a spot on CNN’s “10 Watches that Changed the Course of History (in Watchmaking Terms, at Least)” isn’t enough, Omega is the brand of choice for Daniel Craig’s Bond character. Come on, who doesn’t want to be like James Bond?