5 Reasons Your Mixtape Needs Professional Mixing

Once you have written, arranged and recorded your music, your part is essentially finished. You have done the hardest part of the work, however, the work is not over. I you are smart and honest with yourself, you know that some additional polish is necessary. This is where professional sound engineers come in, they have dedicated their lives to this aspect of music just as much, if not more, than you have to playing it.

Professionals Haves A Better Ear For Music

Even if you have been a musician all your life and perhaps have studied music theory, it is unlikely that you posses the type of ear that professional sound engineers develop. Their involvement in the musical process is similar to that of an editor in publishing; even the most successful and accomplished writers still employ editors. A pro will have a critical detachment that lets them evaluate your music more objectively than your own emotions will allow.

Professionals Have Better Tools

If you have ever been inside a music studio, then you have some idea of the tools professionals have access to. Massive mixing boards, racks of processors, additional instrumentation and effective soundproofing are just some of what is available in a basic studio. Maybe you have an impressive studio at home, however, it is difficult for even the most dedicated person to keep pace with technology. Professionals make it their business to stay up to date with the best and most current gear.

Professionals Understand The Science Of Sound

All the musical equipment in the world is little help without the knowledge and experience to use it properly. With music, more than most arts, there is a point where the creative artistry ends and the technical engineering begins. These are two distinct areas that appeal to very different temperaments. This is why musicians are normally just musicians and not professional sound engineers. Although technicians have just as much passion as musicians, it is a different kind of passion with a more analytical style.

Professionals Know Other Professionals

Studio engineers that have dedicated their careers to this inevitably meet and interact with others in this field. They understand what these other professionals want and are listening for as well as current and upcoming trends. They also know their per peeves and other things that may turn them off when listening to a demo or mixtape. Knowing what not to do is important and pros have a much better grasp on the pet peeves of their peers than you. They also have connections and can introduce your music to others that may be interested.