5 Important Uses for a WAN accelerator

WAN is an acronym that stands for “wide area network.” In the same way, a WAN accelerator is a specialized device that can boost and optimize the available bandwidth across the network. With the introduction of cloud-based infrastructure and remote network access, WAN acceleration is becoming an ever-more critical need for small and large companies alike.

In this post, learn about 5 important emerging uses for a WAN accelerator in today’s far flung global online e-commerce marketplace.

Use #1: Data can be transferred more efficiently and effectively across the network using a WAN accelerator.
Through the new science of “traffic shaping,” a WAN accelerator can optimize the use of bandwidth across the network and tailor it to the needs of each user.

Use #2: A WAN accelerator can reduce “bandwidth binging” by certain applications.
Some applications simply require more bandwidth than others to operate at peak efficiency. However, these bandwidth bingers can slow down the whole network for other applications and users.

A WAN accelerator can serve as a gatekeeper to prioritize how bandwidth is allotted, including setting parameters to establish limits on chronic bingers by reducing response times.

Use #3: A WAN accelerator can compress repetitive data for faster transmission.
Small data packets that are used again and again (a good example here is header data that is transmitted with each email communication) can be compressed into smaller bits of code, much like a hyperlink can be shortened into a snippet for social media use.

In this way, less bandwidth is required for these common and repetitive data transmissions, freeing up bandwidth for use elsewhere.

Use #4: A WAN accelerator can cache frequently used data locally to boost speed.
With this benefit, the frequently used data is not just compressed, but is actually cached, or stored, on a local server or host so it takes up no room on the main network. This frees up quite a bit of bandwidth for use on unique data transmissions.

Use #5: WAN acceleration is a requirement for a set of new emerging technologies.

WAN acceleration, particularly for hybrid WAN systems, paves the way for the introduction of new and more streamlined business technology that incorporates cloud-based services, remote users, quick response for security issues and network outages, fast launches for new sites, real-time network reconfiguration and much more.

A WAN accelerator is a tool that makes it possible for companies to make use of newer, ever-faster cloud-based technologies, software and apps that have unique bandwidth needs and requirements. As well, a WAN accelerator brings all the tools of WAN optimization within reach for both big and also smaller startups and mid-sized companies as they grow and expand.