5 Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for a Construction Project

Project managers at construction sites appreciate the advantages of rented dumpsters. If you’ve ever debated whether or not you should invest resources in one of these items, just consider five of the chief benefits:

One: Contribute to Site Cleanliness

Renting a dumpster sends a clear message that management values clean up at the job site. Members of a construction crew gain the benefit of a clear central location for depositing trash, so the work area after hours generally appears neater. Plus, a short-term rented dumpster at a site provides more square footage of garbage deposition space than standalone trash canisters or buckets. With a secure lid, a dumpster prevents the eyesores that sometimes arise if overflowing trash cans or barrels tip over during during the night and spill the contents around the work area.

Two: Comply With Local Ordinances

In some municipalities, local ordinances require site cleanliness and regular trash containment even during construction. A large rented dumpster helps secure garbage during high winds and heavy rains. Understandably, adjoining property owners often object when construction crews use extensive packaged materials, and then fail to properly dispose of the wrapping materials and cardboard boxes. Discarded plastic, paper and other packaging may create a safety hazard in some situations.

Three: Reduce Accident Potential

By providing a central location for emptying trash cans at the end of a shift, a dumpster contributes to the removal of loose debris and accumulated garbage. Broken glass, loose nails and splintered wooden pallet pieces tossed into a dumpster won’t pose a roadway hazard at the job site.

Four: Save Money on Trips to the Landfill

Some construction sites generate copious quantities of trash during the course of a typical day. A project manager may discover that renting a dumpster for the duration of the project proves far more cost-effective than periodically dispatching tarp-covered trucks full of trash to a landfill.

Five: Please Marketers

By the time some residential construction projects enter the finishing phase, a developer may already have commenced marketing some other completed housing units on the site. Generally, when prospective buyers tour these location, the presence of a nearby dumpster and the resulting reduction in neighborhood debris enhances the appearance of the entire area. Construction site dumpsters please most marketing personnel, because finished units in close proximity to a work zone will usually show much better during sales presentations when large dumpsters securely contain trash and debris. Dumpsters help prevent discarded construction wrapping materials from blowing across adjoining properties.

A Wise Decision

Renting a dumpster offers many advantages during the course of construction. This relatively inexpensive project cost sometimes saves builders a lot of time, aggravation and money.