4 Simple Ways Tile Can Add Value to Your Home

A well-crafted, high quality tile floor adds value to any home because it implies a level of commitment and care that reflects quality in the rest of the home. Durable tile adds long lasting beauty to the home because it will continue to hold color and design while other materials fade, buckle, and crack. By adding tile to your bathroom, kitchen, or entryway, homeowners convey a sense of pride, style and value to their home.
1) Tile Flooring
Tile flooring is an appealing option for the modern home. They are easy to clean, resist allergens and bacteria, and hold up well in high traffic areas compared to their carpeted counterparts. There are many different types of tile flooring that can add value to your home. Wood-look tile combines the natural warmth of wood with the durability and ease of care of porcelain. Heated tile floors are a luxury option well worth the investment. Tile flooring in the garage delivers at good return on investment by protecting against potential drips and impact cracks. The look and feel of tiled floors instantly conveys a sense of quality and durability to a home.

2) Bathroom Improvements
Breathing new life into a dingy bathroom is easy with a new tiled shower or floor. Bathrooms with smaller floors are good areas to invest in unique or designer tile options which instantly add value to your home. Beyond surface appearances, high quality porcelain tile is resistant to chemicals, microbes, water absorption, and staining. Bathroom maintenance is very easy with a well glazed tile and makes a very hygienic choice; a particularly valuable trait in the bathroom. According to CBS News, the return on investment for a bathroom remodel is typically 74 percent.
3) Kitchen Backsplashes
Tiled kitchen backsplashes are both eye-catching and useful. Not only do they protect your kitchen walls from food splatter, they can add visual appeal and color to complete any kitchen design. In contemporary kitchen design, the simple and monochrome colors in appliances and cabinetry can be accented by a bold kitchen tile backsplash. Glass or patterned tiles present an attractive kitchen backsplash option because of their customizability. They are easily obtainable at local and online retailers in a multitude of shapes, colors and textures to fit whatever style a homeowner could want. Tile backsplashes are simple to clean, making them an invaluable investment in the active kitchen.

4) Durability and Integrity
The number one way to hold and increase the value of a home is through consistent maintenance. Fix broken tiles and re-grout current tiled areas to maintain the integrity of current features. Updating a current tiling with a new color or design is another way to add value.