4 Benefits of a Closed Crawlspace

Your crawlspace is an essential part of your home. It can also cause a number of problems that are difficult to solve. New techniques and technologies are now allowing homeowners to create closed crawlspaces that are sealed off from the home and elements.Here are four benefits of a closed crawlspace.

Better Structural Stability for the Home

One of the primary problems people face with crawlspaces is that they become havens for large amounts of moisture. This is because of outdoor elements, warmth from the house and possibly even leaks from plumbing and ductwork. A benefit of having a closed crawlspace is that your home will have better structural stability. All of the moisture under the house can potentially start to rot away the structure or wood supports. It can damage the foundation over time and cause sinking. A professionally closed crawlspace will stop this from happening. The result will be a more stable and secure house that does not experience frequent moisture problems or damage.

No Problems with Mold

Mold can cause respiratory problems and can make asthma symptoms worse if it gets into your house. Mold develops when there are moist, warm and dark conditions. This is what an open crawlspace is usually like. A benefit of a closed crawlspace is that you will not have any problems with mold in that area. Mold will not be able to form in the crawlspace and then make it up into the home where it could cause illness. Sealing off the space creates an environment that is hostile towards mold. Additionally, the seal will stop mold and fungus spores from getting into the crawlspace where they could take root.

Keep Out Pests

A crawlspace connects directly to your home. The crawlspace can become a conduit that allows all types of pests from mice to roaches to enter your house. This can lead to constant pest infestations that you can never stop or control fully. A closed crawlspace is completely sealed off from the house. This means that pests cannot use it to enter your home or ductwork. The seal is a physical barrier that is nearly impossible to get through for most pests.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Your home should be insulated from the roof down to the basement to maximize energy efficiency. Your crawlspace is a potential source of energy loss since air can enter and escape from your house through it. Although insulation will help, a closed crawlspace will do the most to stop energy loss. A closed crawlspace eliminates the small gaps and cracks that would normally lead to problems. It is a reliable solution that can make your house as energy-efficient as possible once professionally installed and in place.